Happy Planet Theatre

My Senior Project: Happy Planet Theatre

For my Senior project at Drexel University I teamed up with fellow Drexel Senior Elizabeth Friedman. Together we created the concept of Happy Planet Theatre.

We wanted to create a low waste theatrical show because we knew first hand how wasteful the theatre industry can be and we wanted to set a precedent that sustainable art is possible.

Happy Planet Theatre was the name we operated under to produce a new low waste theatre piece. We worked with Philly playwright Liv Shoup who so graciously created Natural Selection for us.

Through this projects year long creation I served as Co-Producer, Stage Manager and Production Manager. I crafted our budget which included venue rental, tech equipment, salary for actors and designers, and funds for all costumes props and set pieces, all of which were thrifted, borrowed or trashpicked.

Natural Selection premiered late November in Drexel Park where we essentially had created a venue from the ground up. We had a fully designed set, powered speakers and lights. Because our show was in a public park we had to strike and set up all of our equipment everyday. I managed a team of 10 people during these strikes and load ins between our venue space and an offsite U-Haul.

We sucessfully showed Natural Selection five times throughout the weekend and had a total turn out of 150 audience members.

Watch The Full Show Here!

Photos by Chloe Tolderlund